Board Consulting

King of the Consultancy Disiplines

Through our board-level consulting services we provide an individually tailored advisory approach and value proposition in the search for senior management at the very highest levels of corporate leadership and governance. It is in this domain that we combine our expertise and experience in our Executive Search Business with our extensive experience of collaborating with and working alongside supervisory, administrative and advisory boards. Through our network, we have direct access to key decision makers in business, science and politics – all available to open doors to us and our clients to new sources of top-level talent.

Our target group: Mid-sized business / Family businesses / Emerging businesses / Spin-offs

Typical consultancy scenarios:

  • Ensuring succession planning through the introduction of appropriate candidates
  • Benchmarking comparisons between internal candidates and external executives
  • Ensuring the appropriate constitution of board bodies through the targeted inclusion and addition of desired expertise or otherwise positively enhancing diversity
  • Re-filling key positions stemming from the refreshing and/or restructuring of organizational capacities