Secret of Success

The application of expertise and passion –
our secret of success

The Art of Research

The standards that we set ourselves are particularly high; not least when it concerns research. Our research is exclusively undertaken in-house. We can therefore – to a certain extent – place our own ‘home grown’ seal of quality on it. We are masters of the art of research in all its many facets. We have developed new research methods that significantly increase both the quality and speed of the recruitment process.

One distinguishing feature of our new approach to identifying and directly approaching top talent is related to the systematic mining of validated personal recommendations. This continuously pushes qualitative criteria into the foreground and systematically pushes ‘chance’ factors aside. Our research approach is a key prerequisite and success driver for the later stages of the recruitment and selection process.

The Art of Interviewing

A further critical success factor lies in the approach and quality of our interviews. We have also developed a new approach in this area that provides targeted and valid decision data that is only marginally secondary in quality to that which would arise from a full-blown Assessment Centre. At the same time, both the client and the candidate benefit from considerable efficiency gains. The quality of interviews, valued by clients and candidates alike is the result of combining high empathy, objectivity and finely honed intuition skills. It rests on building up a high level of mutual trust and openness, knowing what question to ask at what time and having a keen sense for issues around cultural fit.

More than just a promise

It goes without saying that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards. You are entitled to our continuous and absolute commitment and first class performance, right up to and including the concluding moments of completing an assignment.

Our commitment to values and principles

We truly live out and operate by our defined business values and principles. This ensures that we are a fully reliable and consistent partner for both clients and candidates alike.

Our strategic advantage

We identify ourselves as an Executive Search firm with a classical outlook and approach, as a result, have chosen leverage and capitalize from the benefits of a ‘small but beautiful’ (klein aber fein) business structure and model. This enables optimal quality and speed of execution. Our clients and our candidates receive personal service with a consistent conversation partner throughout all stages of any assignment. All this without the information leakage or bureaucracy that may accompany size. As an Executive Search firm increases its number of associates and clients, so too increases the risk that the borderline between ‘Hunting Ground’ and ‘Off Limits’ may be ignored in the quest to find the best-qualified candidates. This challenge is still further exacerbated the more operating offices exist overall. Particularly in the whole arena of recruiting the most senior hires, the whole issue around ‘off-limits’ delineation will become an increasingly key issue in determining competitive advantage, as the pool of highly sought after candidates is increasingly sought and fought over. As a ‘small but beautiful’, boutique consultancy, we have actively chosen to focus our efforts on a select and manageable number of handpicked clients in each industry sector. As a result, we are able to go out and hunt for the very best candidates with the almost no ‘off-limits’ restrictions impeding our search.