Our values serve as the compass that guides us

More than ever, clear values are required as a compass by which we can set our course in making key business decisions.

Our actions and our words operate in harmony. We live and work out the values we have clearly committed to. Our three core values are summarized below. We build solid partnerships with both clients and candidates on the basis of these core values.

Our three core values fuse together and pervade every aspect of our approach to providing consultancy services

  • Added value

    There must be a tangible Return on Investment attributable to our work. more

  • Trust

    Trust provides the necessary working environment to foster effective collaboration. more

  • Professionalism

    Professionalism is clearly demonstrated when words and deeds are fully congruent. more

We deliver added value

Through our interventions we wish to bring about sustainable value creation for our clients and candidates, not simply fulfilling an assignment. Success is measured in terms of proving lasting, high quality results on time and in full. These measures validate our service success and are central components in determining our organizational culture and approach. By means of our small and agile organizational design, we have created the basis from which we can operate in a responsive, non-bureaucratic manner in order to provide highly efficient service. We do not see ourselves as consultants who are satisfied with providing a mediocre or short-term solution. Rather, we provide a tailor made service that underpins long-lasting, value creating results.

We deliver Trust

We are convinced that trust is a prerequisite in the consultancy business. Trust is based on living out integrity and credibility. Trust is also a product of our consistent transparency and authenticity in all dealings with our business partners. Our goal is to build long-term working partnerships that are established on a foundation of confidence and reliability. Because, by definition, our business is so centred on the ‘human factor’, we make it our business to deal with each individual with the utmost care and consideration. We place the highest value on total discretion. We are adept at navigating the marketplace with appropriate stealth – quietly and unobtrusively. Last but not least, our success is also the product of many years’ experience in the search and consultancy field. Experience results in reliability. Reliability results in trust.

We deliver professionalism

By professionalism we mean adhering to the highest possible standards of delivering business whilst maintaining appropriate objectivity and impartiality. It is our goal to establish sincere and strong partnerships with our clients and candidates. We both aspire and commit to mutual respect, fairness and integrity. We strive for an open, fact based dialogue. We listen intently in order to full grasp the key issues. We ask ourselves critical questions as a matter of course. We are fully open to constructively take on board any feedback from clients and candidates. This approach positions us to maximise the chance of delivering optimal solutions and mutual success.